Pineapple citrus vodka

Fruit! It really is the perfect food. You can eat it raw, cook it, bake it, use it as a garnish,  make drinks out it and even add it to already brewed/distilled drinks.  When I read about fruit-infused vodka gifts in Real Simple, I decided to try this nifty trick myself. So yesterday I sliced up a pineapple and added some vodka to it. Then I got to thinking,” what can you mix with pineapple flavored vodka?” Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of options if you want a fairly straight forward drink.  So although the recipe in Real Simple  calls for just one kind of fruit, I added some grapefruit to the jar too.  My hope is that this leads to a tasty variation on the drink.

This recipe calls for at least  three days of infusion time but I plan on sampling this “brew” in a three days just to have a baseline for flavor, and then again after its been sitting for a week. From preserving food and eating leftovers, I know that sometimes things taste better the longer they’ve stewed in their own juices. In a week I’ll also have the perfect opportunity to try different mixes to enhance its flavor or pair well with it.  I have some ideas already… stay tuned. IMG_0303


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