Guerilla Radio- FARC’s rap video

Colombian rebel group FARC released a music video with Cuban rappers Cuentas Claras  early this week.  I think it will be a big deal in Colombia, of course, but sadly, the subtitles are difficult to read; I’m not sure if non-Spanish speakers will be able to understand the message behind the lyrics. Or the video.  I mean, FARC is, on the one hand,  asking for peace in this video. And as FARC has said for many years, “Colombia’s  farmers are the reason to live and to fight.”   But on the other hand, the list of terrorist acts committed by the group over the last 40 years is pretty astounding.  So what’s the real deal with this video? I’m not on Facebook for the summer, so I’m not  communicating with my cousins in Bogota right now, but I think it would be interesting to  hear first-hand what people are thinking–not just about the peace talks or the current state of affairs with FARC, but the fact that this group has made a rap video.  Are the days of physical acknowledgement campaigns behind us? Will rebel groups worldwide begin to use social media as a means of drumming up activity and interest?

For more FARC-related images, visit this TIME photo gallery.


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