Blessings on the wall

The mission work we’ve been doing this week has made me grateful for all the blessings I receive each day.  One of those blessings is, quite simply, the fact that I’ve grown up straddling Colombia and the US.  This has made me aware of just how much I have, so I try to be mindful of all those gifts on a daily basis.  That’s not always easy, nor am I good at holding on to that gratitude each day.   But coming “home” to Colombia is always a good way to get back in touch with those and many other blessings.

Today, at the Prince of Peace church in Tunja, we cleaned a courtyard of old debris, hauled trash out of an old classroom and spackled and then painted walls. We even got to write on the walls.

Letty leaves some art before painting a wall. 

The building this church is in was built in the 1600s, and it served as a missionary school and administrative office for many years in the 1900s. Since the 80s or so, it has quietly been crumbling and moldering. Now, a group of young parishioners is revitalizing the building and congregation, and we’ve been offering what little help we can.

In the act of writing on the walls we’ve left blessings for our new friends, but as they’ve penned their own bendiciones, they’ve blessed us, too.


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