All in a day’s work

An alphabetized list of  the more interesting things I discussed with others while at work today.  I feel like there’s a way to use this, as a writer… let’s see… scroll down for what came of this nonsense. Not too bad, given the randomness of my word bank!

  •  360 videos
  • astral projection
  • alzheimer’s disease
  • caregivers
  • faffing
  • lemon rosemary chicken
  • statistics and web analytics
  • tasty videos
  • virtual reality


Virtual Reality

She watched life from beyond her body
wracked as it was by disease
Out there, a panorama of good things —
lemon rosemary chicken
people who loved her
people to love
But gone were the words to describe
what it felt like to travel outside her body
let alone what it was like now
being stuck inside


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