A new writing challenge

No matter how I feel about spending 40 hours a week of my life tied to a desk every week, I have a pretty great supervisor and crew to work with.

Most of the people on our team come from the journalism world, and whether we’re spinning straight up news story ideas,  pulling on creative stretches of the imagination or throwing darts at the wall, we all have the autonomy to explore things that are meaningful to us in our writing.

And that, in and of itself, is pretty meaningful.

I’m thinking about this today because this morning my supervisor sent out a Copyblogger creative writing challenge for consideration.

Now, I’m not really a fan of this content writing tips website, but I gleaned a couple of good ideas from their last challenge, so I figure, what the heck, why not try this one too?

Here’s the challenge: “…commit to a year of consistent improvement as writers and creative professionals, starting now and continuing through December next year.”

Sonia Simone, the force behind much of the content and training at CB is leading the charge here, and she’s come up with a set of prompts for us each month in 2017.

One is creative, one is designed to help spark productivity.

I feel pretty productive in my role at work, and I know I get lots of opportunities to be creative. I mean, I recently wrote about a recipe contest and got to create a “Tasty” style food video!

See? I totally get to push myself creatively.

So although I don’t feel like I need “help” in these areas, I’m jumping in to see what the challenge does for me.

Our first prompt is on values and asks for a list of 5–10 values that are important to us.
Once we develop that list, we then write a  few ‘graphs about how that/those value/s are present in our lives.

“You might write about

  • What the value means to you
  • A quick memory or story
  • Frustrations with the value
  • Mixed feelings about the value”

read the instructions.

Check back tomorrow to see what this means for me, both in terms of what the prompt asks of us, and what it turns into for me. Sonia’s goal is to help us reenergize, do what needs to be done, and make better decisions.

So we’ll see.  I mean, even if creativity flops, the mental space to act in such a manner is a great value to have realized.


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