the not-so-choppy sea of creativity

Week two of the copyblogger challenge I’m tackling for work, and I’ve worked on one of the additional creativity challenges today.

In this challenge, we’ve been asked to play with words, just play with them.

Screenwriting, playwriting, fiction, and poetry are all delicious ways to play with language, sound, and meaning … and take a break from writing another numbered list post.

OK, play with words instead of write a numbered list? I can do that, especially on a day like today.

More elusive than love
deeper than pleasure
as fleeting as joy
sleep appears on the horizon
as if from a punctured raft
bobbing in
and out of grasp again

Can you tell I didn’t get much sleep last night?  Like five hours of tossing and turning and feeling sorry for myself.  Ugh.  And the thing is, I’m still in a terrible mood after so little,  and such poor quality sleep,  but forcing my brain forward into the territory of metaphor and imagery was really calming.

I know that establishing a writing practice is important to my sanity and well-being, but when I have a headache, I’m grumpy and I am worried about how I’m going to get through the day at work (and then go to the dentist), spending a few minutes on my own creative writing feels like an impossibility, a waste of time.

And yet, I found in this practice the same kind of satisfaction I long for and enjoy when I get my sleep.

Creativity can be energizing!

Now, to carry that over into the actual work I need to do today…


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